Rock´n Roll ! – 2016

Hey everybody ! We like to thank you again for the last year of very positive feedback. We get a lot of questions via e-mail on AC30s topics puttygen ssh , that makes us really happy. We hope we may can put something like a FAQ together in the future.

Some wanted to contact Lyle Caldwell, he is not reachable via this blog. He just provided some articles. But we sure can help you with your questions and it gives a good feeling helping people to rock 🙂 All the best for 2016 and Rock´n Roll !

Speaker Connection Mod

complete near

complete near

We´ve just published a new modification for your AC30. It´s for switching speakers. If you have different speakers in you can now switch between these. It´s now possible to use speaker one, or two or both speakers. The mod is cheap, you do not need much to do this. If you may like to have the option of switching speakers, you may have a look on the Speaker Connection Mod.

Statement and New Year

For the last month we had different questions from people if we can sell different things or  if they can send their amps to us. We´re a non-commercial page and we don´t sell anything. We´re just here to provide information about the AC30 and related things. Of course you´re welcome to ask every question if you like 🙂 But we don´t sell anything.

We also try to keep our page up to date and also if we don´t update the page regulary or if they aren´t any news for a year. The information and the articles are up to date so you can use them for your mods or anything you like.

Everyone out there we like to wish you some relaxed days at the end of this year. We hope you make some good music in 2015. Buy Scabo Stromectol

AC30-Guide major upgrade

As you may have noticed because of the slightly different look Buy Zithromax , we have upgraded the AC30-Guide and the WordPress-system and moved to another hosting service. We´ve also updated some dead links and pictures. If you find any issues or something else, please feel free to comment (now possible without registration). All the best to you and feel free to write and tell us about news, questions, pictures or anything else. Sad but true, the Vox-History is no longer available in english.

New Limited Editions

1-8We updated the AC30 Info-Pool with new information about the recent AC30C Limited Editions which is Cream and Purple. Pictures and price are also added.
The Cream edition is of special interest in terms that it makes one new speaker option available: the Celestion G12M-65 Creamback. We have also added a short description of this speaker to the info section.